Optimal Conditions for Destructive Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Used Oil

 According to the results from the preliminary test runs, the operating conditions that gave better performance in destructive adsorption reaction of heavy metal removal from used oil are: (1) with hydrogen peroxide present in the emulsified sample (2) oxidative environment is better (3) silica gel is the best adsorbent candidate Thus, with this information in mind, we can optimize the reaction conditions for Heavy metal removal from used oil.

Water Effect The study of the effects of water content on heavy metal removal is depicted in Figure 4-8. The proper amount of water added is crucial to the emulsification of the oil samples to gain better heavy metal removal rate. However, too much water added to the oil sample would increase the difficulty later on to separate the water from oil sample. Hence, from Figure 4-8, we may suggest 20% water content is good enough as the optimal water content in emulsification of used oil samples.