Adsorption Process and Destructive Adsorption

 Four different adsorbent materials were selected in the adsorption test runs: alumina (Al2O3), silica gel (SiO2), GAC (Calgon BPL) and PAC (Calgon WPH). The first two are widely used in column chromatography as adsorption and filtration media, and they are also very good catalysts. GAC and PAC are commonly used adsorbents in environmental applications. The simple comparison about the size, pore size, and surface area for these adsorbents is shown Table 4-1. Adsorption Reaction was carried in 125mL bottles subjects to 2 hrs constant shaking at 20℃. The amount of adsorbents used is in 20% wt. Samples were then subject to ultrasonic irradiation under the following conditions: (1) 5 m3 /min Ar gas (2) 25 ± 5 ℃ (3) 60 min irradiation time (4) Sodium borohydride @1wt% was added every 15 min