Sources of Used Oil Samples Ⅱ

From the experiences, many industrial used oils can be easily recycled and reused onsite through simple processing steps. In another way, automotive used oils mostly are collected by commercial recyclers and could become the major source for this research. However, since used oil is categorized as hazardous waste in California, it’s not easy to request used oil samples from commercial recyclers or reprocessors/re-refiners. In order to get representative used oil samples; however, we still tried to acquire samples from big recyclers or reprocessors/re-refiners. Unfortunately, most of them were not willing to be involved in situations where they would be in trouble from legal liability. Some simply rejected the request at once and refused to reveal any information while others would ask us to provide formal document and permission from their supervising governmental agencies. The collection of used oil samples really brought some difficulties for this research study after many frustrated phone requests. Finally, we had to just get a mixed used lube oil sample by the help of a service station for some initial tests, which, in our mind, was not so representative. Finally, a mid-size commercial used oil recycler (Leach 58 Co., Compton, CA) kindly provided some used oil samples from its big storage tanks. However, it was identified later that those were just constituted of used automotive oils.