Pretreatment by Chemical-Aided Ultrasonic Irradiation

  Although the pretreatment methods such as celite treatment, filtration, or washing with filtration developed by BNL were claimed to efficiently remove most of the heavy metal contents from used oil, these methods may not be useful to remove other toxic organic constituents. From an economic point of view, it is better to develop one pretreatment process that can remove all undesirable materials all together. Thus, a chemical-aided ultrasonic irradiation process is proposed as the pretreatment method. Ultrasound technology is well known for its applications in destruction of toxins. And not only limited to lab-scale studies, many clean-up works of pilot-scale operation in real contaminated sites are proven to be feasible for both technology and economic considerations. The proposed chemical-aided ultrasonic irradiation method may be a combined process with many steps, and using adsorption to remove toxic heavy metals may be one of those steps