Selection of Appropriate Used Oil Feedstock

 Used oil could come from different sources, though the two major categories are automotive used oil and industrial used oil. They may contain a very wide range of contaminants at various levels, and this makes the quality control and homogeneity of the used oil feedstock more difficult to achieve. We have also reviewed the two most popular technologies for used oil recycle/reuse options – reprocessing and re-refining, and we found out that a screening procedure is necessary to guard and reject any inappropriate feedstock before it enters the system. In this way, the performance of the system and the quality of the products can be assured. So we would suggest developing a screening method to select appropriate used oil feedstock. Although it’s impossible to completely reject used oil feedstock that contains toxic contaminants (then there won’t be any used oil bulk qualifying), we can still make the pretreatment process more feasible and efficient by accepting better feedstock of the used oil. Furthermore, it would reduce the unnecessary cost for excess pretreatment.