Current Recycle/Reuse Programs on Used oil Markets

 Used oil is not only a big problem for whole world,it also creates problems in every single country since it generates such large quantities of waste.In the process of evaluating the fesaibility of adaptation of biocemcial process for the used oil worldwide,efforts were done in surveying annual quantities of used oil generated and existing recycle/reuse programs in different countries.Regulatory structure and enforcement ability on used oil management differs with the country`s size and political structure.Facilities is each country may also be significantly different form one another.There were studies stating that used oils may have unique geological characteristics from place to place.It is important for an individual to acknowledge that it`s good enough for an individual only not pollute his own backyard and that everyone much learn to protect the entire environment,no matter where they are standing on this earth.That why we feel that it is crucial for every country to understand the importance of recycling/reusing the used oil.