Converting Used Oil into Valuable Bioproducts

 The change in virgin crude oil price can directly affect the used oil recycling options.if the crude oil prices drop,petroleum product prices will fall accordingly.Gasoline and fuel oil prices track crude oil prices very closely,while lubricating oil prices react very slow with crude oil price changes since lube oil contains many additives and other components that add to the final product cost.A drop in crude oil price will decrease that value of reprocessed oil sold as a fuel supplement and as well as lower the re-refiners` revenues.If higher-value products other than petroleum products can be recovered or produce form the used oil by some new technologies,larger profit margins could be generated than reprocessed oil or re-refined oil as expected.Unfortunately, almost no research studies are related to the field that is exploring other recycle or reuse options for used oils.It is the uniqueness and superiority of the biochemical process to convert used oil to commercially valuable products.