Reclaiming Of Used Oil

 There are many companies devoting their efforts to developing technologies for re-refining uses oils,profitable used oil re-refining has not been so widespread due to the high capital and operating cost. The use of waste lubricants for alternate, less strenuous lubricants applications is a common practice.Some specific types of industrial oils can be readily segregated and are suitable for relatively simple reprocessing before being returned to their original service.Both of these types of recycling are referred to as reclaiming. Typical processing methods involve filtration and removal of water and decomposition products under vacuum.

Large industrial customers can arrange for on-site reprocessing(reconditioning of transformer oil at power generation plants),or can collect specific drain oils for off-site reprocessing and return(reclamation of railway diesel engine oils).These types of customer-specific reprocessing can be cost-effective when compared to the expense of new lubricating oils.