Re-refining Of Used oil

 Used oil can be re-refined into base lube oil.Lube oil is a premium substance that can be re-refined and reused again and again.In general,water and dissolved low boiling point organic and removed by atmospheric or moderate vacuum distillation..Lube oil is then recovered and fractionated by distillation.Light ends by products are commonly used for plant combustion fuels.Diesel fraction and gas oil fraction can be recovered as high quality by products after further advanced treatment.Residual streams form distillation can be used by asphalt industry as an asphalt flux to produce roofing asphalt,paving asphalt,insulating materials,and other asphalt based products.

The major differences among all the processes are in how additives,impurities and sludges are removed.Considering technical feasibility,economical profitability,and operational easiness,re-refining process are narrowed down to combinations of solvent treatment,distillation,hydrotreating,vacuum distillation,clay polishing,chemical treatment,and demetallization.Marketability of product and by products will affect the combination choices of processes.Processes,which do not generate hazardous wastes that are difficult to handle,will be preferred in the future.Another problem is that the retails acceptance of recycled refined base oil in their blends,not because of quality issues,but mainly because of public acceptance.The public needs to learn that re-refining of used motor oil is a very sophisticated process that produces high quality base lube oil.Re-refined oil carrying the API logo meets the same high quality standards as lube oil made form crude oils.