Reprocessing Of Used Oil

 One of economically attractive ways to manage used oil is to burn it as fuel.Thus,most used oil being reprocessed is utilized as fuel.Compared to direct burning,the major advantage form reprocessing used oil is that it improves the burning quality of used oil by removing or reducing some contaminants.A typical used oil reprocessing system is simplified as shown in Figure 2-3.Processes such as adding chemicals,heating,filtration,and centrifugation or combinations of the above can separate the undesirable constituents form valuable portions.Odor produced form nitrogen and sulfur species is the greatest concern in operating these facilities.Severe corrosion may occur in the equipment when acidic gases form additive elements and water vapors combine during the process.In reality,processing used oil is a widespread industry,although mostly in small operations.Reprocessors and re-refiners often have to compete with each other to acquire used oil stock form independent transporters.Reprocessing,however,is a much more readily available recycling option than re-refining.