The Importance of Recycling and Reusing Used Oils

 Used oil is definitely a vital source of energy.Oil doesn`t wear out,it just gets dirty after use.Used oil can be re-refined into base lube oil,reprocessed as fuel oil,or used to as feedstock to produce products or othere commercially valuable products via different methods. There are some facts about the conserving resources by proper handling of used oil.Re-refining used oil takes about 1/3 the energy needed to refine crude oil to lubricant quality,and one gallon of used lube oil taht is re-refined produces the same 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil as 42 gallons of crude oil does.Collecting and recycling used oil,therefore,not only protects our environment form used oil contamination,but aslo conserves a valuable non-renewable resource.

Form the standpoint of energy conservation, recycling used oil efficiently saves a precious,nonrenewable resource.Only one out of 70 barrels of crude oil is processed into virgin lube stock.That why many oil companies spend billions of dollars on exploring ,recovering and refining crude oil into quality lube oil.If the used oil generated by consumers can be recycled back to useful products such as pure lube oil again and again.tremendous time and money can be saved.More importantly,our natural resources will be conserved.
Many industries found that the capital investment on on-site used oil regeneration or reuse in the plant returns at a comparable rate,therefore,eliminates a lot of disposal costs