General Used Oil Recycling Processing Introduction

 Used oil is a valuable resource and a vital source of energy.Oil does not wear out, it just gets dirty and after use. Thus,used oil still has lubricating value and heat value.Use oil can be re-refined into base lube oil, recycled as fuel oil,or used as feedstock to produce petroleum-based products or other commercially valuable products via different processes.

Why is the proper management of used oil such an important issue? It is important because used oil contain metals,chlorinated hydrocarbons and other organic compounds, including many that are listed as priority pollutants by the U.S.EPA. If used oil is mismanaged,the effects upon the environment will be detrimental. Since used oil is generated in large quantities,estimating more than 1.5 billions gallons per year.
Currently,the recycling and ruse of used oil are limited to a few options.Form the standpoint of energy conservation,recycling used oil efficiently saves a precious nonrenewable resource.The most encouraged option is to recycle used oil bask to base lube does not only save tremendous amount of time and money.but more importantly helps to conserve our natural resources.used oil can be combusted for energy utilization or thermally destroyed by incineration.Due to economic benefit of recycling used oil,only a very small quantity of used oil is currently incinerated.The oil that is incinerated .The oil that is incinerated generally has high concentration of toxic contaminants that makes recycling impractical or unsafe.One of the most common applications for recycled oils is reprocessing them to be used as fuels.In some cases,however, the contamination levels in used oil are too high.As result,it increases the difficulties in the recycling operation.Moreover, the hazardous byproducts generated in the recycling processes become secondary pollutants that are even more difficult to handle.
For the limited amount of used oil recycled each year,current options for reuse are mainly: reprocessing to fuels ore re-refining into base lube oil.These two option, however,are not creating big profit margins to attract investors into business because the profit margins largely depend on crude oils,which is at a quite steady low in recent years.New technologies to convert used oil into value-added products are necessary to encourage the recycling of used oil instead of illegal dumping pf disposing the sued oil into the environment.