YJ-DY Diesel Oil Cracking Process

Waste Oil To Diesel Oil Pyrolysis Machine


Waste oil to diesel oil pyrolysis machine con convert waste engine oil,wast lube oil to diesel fuel by distillation

Nowadays, the world pay high attention to the Three-wastes reuse. Energy Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China, Renewable Resources Recycling Law ect. are unveiled in China confined to greatly develop renewable resource reclaiming technology. There are two ways to manage the spent lube oil, the first is recycle it in to lube base oil, and another method is crack it in to fuel.
During processing, gasoline and diesel could be obtained through different distillation temperature ranges. 40-190℃ is gasoline fraction range, and 250-330℃ is diesel fraction range. After pyrolysis and cooling, about 20% liquid is light oil similar to gasoline which is able to meet standard of 90-93# gasoline after supplement of additives. Approx 80% liquid is similar to diesel and able to meet the specification of -15# diesel after supplement of additives. They’re able to be used as industrial or civil-use fuel, even power driven fuel. Motor oil is from a fraction after diesel in oil refining industry, they’re belong to the same petroleum family having different molecular weight, it is very feasible to produce diesel.
3. Production Process
This process utilized normal pressure distillation facility with the latest solid catalyst, using gas and liquid combined catalyzing method to have the motor oil cracked. It has below features:
1) Using the latest solid catalyst formula to get high output, high quality, the point of this process is catalytic pyrolysis . Liquid phase catalyst preliminary crack and remove smell, gas phase catalyst further crack the oil gas, make the big molecular chains reasonably broken to it’s maximum, so that to get high quality gasoline, and diesel fractions. This process has high regeneration rate, which is 85-90% of used motor oil.
2) To obtain finished oil within one step, no secondary distillation cracking. For tyre pyrolysis, the cracking temperature is lowered down(350-500℃). While increasing oil quality, the output rate is also increased.
3) Using new type stabilizing agent and deodorant, oil color and smell improved, the severe excitant odour is removed by special physical and chemical methods. The smell is effectively removed and the oil color is clear and bright can be stored a long time without spoiling.
4) This process does not have excessive facilities, the production and operation process and cost is reduced. There is no secondary pollution.

Treatment procedure
1)Used oil and catalyst have been pumped in to distillation kettle by high temperature pump and circulated. Switch on molten salt or thermal fluid heater, open water pump at the same time to have the cooling tower kept circulation cooling.The distilled water from oil is deposited in to the oil storage tank ,could be discharged through drain valve.
2)After the water has been completely evaporated out(up to 120℃) ,close
isolation valve, the distilled oil go in to cooling unit via catalyst unit and store in the separated oil storage tank. When the temperature higher than 150℃,stop high-temperature oil pump, keep distilling. When the temperature higher than 300℃,start air extractor to suck out the hydrocarbon to have it burned in air intake of boiler, to avoid the un-liquidized gas emitting to the environment.
3)The distilled oil stored in the storage tank, it can be directly discharged out after fine filtering or discharged out after decolorization treatment and fine filtering.
4)Distillation kettle need deslagging regularly. The residues can be used as fuel.

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