YJ-TY Base Oil Vacuum Distillation Equipment

Used Engine Oil Refinery Machine


Used Engine Oil Refinery Machine

The lubricating oils used by vehicle engines have to be replaced at least every 20000 km. This oil used to be dumped, but now most of it is re-refined and reused. This is done in a three step process, in which water, solids, lighter oils, dissolved metals, degraded additives etc are removed.
Step 1 - Dehydration
The oil is boiled in a closed container to remove the water that has been mixed into it.
Step 2 - Diesel and lube oil stripping
The dehydrated oil is then fed into a vacuum distillation plant for fractionation. Lighter oils boil off first and are removed, followed by the lubricating oil itself. Other heavier components do not boil in the conditions used.
The fractions obtained are as follows:
1. Light fuel and diesel. Dominion Oil produces enough diesel from the used oil
feedstock to run all the burners and boilers, giving total self-sufficiency in fuel.
2. Lubricating oil. The bulk of the feedstock will distill off in the plant to produce a lubricating oil fraction.
3. Residue. The non-distillable part of the feedstock. This contains all the carbon, wear metals, degraded additives and most of the lead and oxidation products. This residue is successfully used as bitumen extender for roading.
Step 3 - Diesel and lube oil condensation
A liquid extraction process then removes any aromatic components from the oil. By this stage, the oil is identical to refined virgin oil. It is then tested, appropriate additives are added and the oil is ready to be reused.

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