YJ-TY Used Engine Oil Recycling Machine

Waste Motor Oil Recycling Machine


Waste motor oil recycling machine adopts vacuum distillation process, can recycle about 85% yellow color base oil,5-7% gasoline and diesel oil,5-8% oil sludge under high vacuum(lower than 60pa) and high temperature(around 350-370℃)

The Process Of Waste Motor Oil Recycling Machine

First pump the waste motor oil after pre-treatment into a chemical reactor , add chemical solution. Keep mixing the oil inside the reaction kettle. In the reaction make kettle the oil static after a mixing, we have the impurities and part of the colloid at the bottom of reaction kettle separated. After this chemical treatment of oil, the oil will not be cracked even it is heated up to 400 degrees in atmosphere. (in the atmosphere, without the treatment of the oil start to be cracked at 300 degree, it is obviously decline the quality of recycled oil and recovery rate)

After chemical treatment, the waste motor oil is heated by distillation reactor, to control the oil temperature within 350 degrees through heating furnace. As the temperature of the oil rises to around 55℃ ,first cut of gasoline start to release form the waste oil.As the temperature of the oil rises to around 110℃ - 220℃, the second cut of diesel are released from the batch. As the light oil cut(diesel oil) tend to finish, there is temperature rise indicating completion of light oil. Base Oil is the main product and its distillation starts at around 220℃ and continues up to 350℃. Light base oil are distilled out around 220°C-300°C,and Most of the heavy base oil distills out during 300℃ -350℃. At the end of the process the kettle bottom temperature begins to rise marking its completion. Finally, the process ends when the residual material in the kettle does not vaporize, even at a temperature of around 350℃. At this point, the heating in the distillation process is stopped and the process is essentially complete. Can pump oil residual out to use as bitumen and heavy fuel oil.

The distilled oils are clean and golden color, generally no need further treatment, they are going to be blended with additives to get finished oils for the automotive and industrial applications.

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