14 / Sep.


Reasons to Recycle Used Motor Oil

 Used oil can contain contaminants such as lead, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium, arsenic, cadmium and chlorinated compounds. Used motor oil represents more than 40 percent of the oil pollution in our country's waterways. One gallon of used motor oil can pollute one million gallons of drinking water. Don't pour used motor oil down the drain or on the ground. Used oil is easy to recycle.......

08 / Sep.


Recycle Your Used Oil

 Recycling the used oil from your car is simple and good for the environment. Follow these tips to make sure you recycle your used oil safely. After draining the oil from your car’s crankcase, pour the oil into a clean, leakproof container with a screw-on top. Many household containers are suitable, including original motor oil containers. Never use containers that held household chemicals such......

26 / Aug.


Benefits of Recycling

These days, it is relatively common for people to recycle paper, glass and metals (aluminum and steel). The infrastructure and services for this recycling activity are available and relatively well understood. However the recycling of petroleum products is less well known and sometimes confusing. Regulators and recycling agencies have effectively communicated with businesses the need for and benef......

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